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We engage even in smaller orders such as apartment core reconstruction.

Interiors of industrial structures made by methods of dry construction – plasterboard construction combined with mineral ceiling is our main activity.  Wall and floor tiling are a matter of course for the final delivery.

Attic extensions in tenement houses are an important content of our activities.

We are able to make built-in structure in department stores and following dry-cladding renders the interior very interesting.

Remodeling of the interior of the Longin Business Center office area built in the year 2001 following contemporary trends, accessory demands and working environment aesthetic. We proceeded to change the original layout  and we incorporated resting zones. The perfection of entire interior is inflated by glass walls made of a double security glass. We achieved exceptional impression of an working environment by completing our project by tastefully choosing the paintings, the wall hangings, the floor coverings, the woodwork and installing the furniture and lighting.